Jovia Financial Credit Union is a local credit union on Long Island, New York dedicated to providing its members with the best value financial products available so they can make the most of their hard-earned money.

Their mission is to combine attentive care with convenient digital and mobile banking solutions that fit the needs of busy people, helping them to lead in life and realize their financial goals.

Over the course of 11 months, we designed and developed the Via Design system to help product teams throughout the credit union build the digital banking solutions needed to help credit union members accomplish their goals.


Foundations of the Via Design System provide teams with the elements needed to help users identify the brand.  Foundations included guidance on the logo, colors, illustrations, iconography, photography and patterns.


Color plays a vital role in the Jovia brand - it affects how people see the credit union and how the credit union chooses to be seen.

Three palettes were created to assist teams in portraying the brand while also meeting WCAG AA Accessibility guidelines.


Averta was chosen as the credit union's primary typeface for use in all of its marketing materials, like digital ads, billboards, and it's a marketing website.

Native fonts to Android and iOS devices were also added to the brand's font stack to ensure that type remained highly legible across experiences. These are specifically used with Jovia's mobile app.



A set of illustrations, designed by the amazing Sebastian Curi, were curated to enhance emotional power and human connection in a competitive field dominated by generic, corporate financial brands.


Components are the reusable building blocks of Via. These atoms each meet a specific interaction or UI need and can bond together with other components within the system to form molecules.


Each of Jovia's web applications is built utilizing the components and foundations outlined by the Via Design System, and continue to reinforce the modular approach.

Within each application, there is a system of modules that can be combined to build hundreds of unique templates.


The establishment of the Via Design System allowed Jovia to build multiple web applications, all within nine months of the rebranding effort, reinforcing the credit union's promise to be Long Island's top innovative credit union.

These applications included a new Intranet, Public Website, and Online Loan and Deposit Application system. In building these three applications, the credit union was able to cancel vendor contracts providing similar services with values up to $600,000.